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Starting off on a product idea we can collaborate with you in the point you desire, either accompanying you throughout all the process, or just at the points where you need us:

I + D

Production & Quality Control

Packaging & Communication

Regulatory Affairs


I + D

The counseling formulation, as well as the experience and constant research of our highly qualified technical collaborators, insure that both quality and innovation in the products you entrust us are guaranteed.

The latest trends in cosmetics and nutrition fields are always a proactive factor of Mayentis, S.L. facing it's customers, understanding that the market requires, more and more, new and effective packaging assets and marketing concepts that make your products a clear reference of quality, innovation and technique.

Due to our long experience in the formulas development, we can adjust any market concept to formats and organoleptic aspects to suit the client choice adapted to the galenic form and the finished product that is desired.

Your products will always be formulated based on the European Union regulations, as well they will be adapted to the proposed formulas to those standards.


Production & Quality Control

The products of our customers are always manufactured in our approved plants and authorized for each type of product, ensuring compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council, of November 30, 2009, regarding the Good Practices of Manufacture of cosmetics and the Regulations (CE) and Royal Decrees that regulate Food Supplements, Royal Decree 1487/2009 and subsequent amendment of March 16, 2018.

Depending on the type of product and the size of the production lot, the plants have mix reactors of different capacities, both for cosmetics and dietetics or food supplements, always looking to adapt our job to the needs of our customers.

The production processes are always carried out under strict quality control, hygiene and compliance with regulations for this purpose. Having internal quality control systems and accredited by ISO 9001, 22716 SGS, GMP's certifications.

The raw materials are checked and analyzed physicochemically and microbiologically before using them, as well as once the product is finished and prior to its subsequent packaging process.

Cosmetic forms for facial, corporal, hygienic, personal and specific treatment products:

• Creams
• Milks
• Serums
• Lotions
• Tonics
• Gels
• Shampoos
• Liquid soaps
• Colonies
• Lip Bars
• Fluid Makeup
• Eyelash Mask
• Transdermal patches


Food supplements in powder, granulated, effervescent, liquid and/or gels, for formats in:

• Capsules
• Tablets
• Single-dose envelopes
• Sticks for powders, granules, gels and liquids
• Bottles
• Shots
• Syrups


Packaging & Communication

Mayentis offers advisory services to its clients for the creation of products or product lines, jointly studying the most suitable design according to the distribution channel, product typology, logistics and distribution, focusing on the following managements:

• Study of the line positioning through the marketing of its claims.
• Search and selection of types of format and packaging that adapt to the needs of the client, as well as the optimization of their costs and the subsequent packaging processes in our facilities.
• Legal advice on packaging design.
• Decoration of containers and cases.
• PLV material where we can collaborate in its definition with the client and the subsequent search for the option and provider.


Once defined with the client the positioning of their product through possible marketing claims, and presented by us the packaging proposals and their possible decorations and finishes, the products are packaged, boxed and shrink-wrapped, if required, in our authorized plants for Cosmetics or Food Supplements under the same internal quality control standards and their ISO, GMP's certifications that we have.

• Flasks
• Bottles
• Tubes
• Airless
• Ampoules
• Vials
• Jars
• Bags
• Boxes
• Talcum
• Sachets
Aerosol sprays
• Monodose


Food Complements:

• Bottles

• Pills bottles

• Shots

• Plastic or glass vials

• Syrup bottles

• Envelopes

• Sticks

• Blisters

• Single dose

• Capsules

• Tablets

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

From the very beginning of the formulation, we already recommend those components and assets that comply with the current regulations in force, giving a product within the legal framework for the purposes of manufacturing and marketing.

• We provide the legal texts of the product for its labeling and its packaging. We also reviewed the marketing arguments and/or possible allegations that could be make to avoid regulations breaches.

• We prepare and present timely notifications to Sanitation about Food Supplements which allow our customers to sell their products in a legal way, under the corresponding control of the Administration.

• If the client wishes, we can do the management and monitoring of the Cosmetic Safety Dossier and its notification in the European portal CPNP, under previous budget presentation.

• We perform audits of warehouses and factories for the subsequent obtaining of sanitary authorizations and for possible inspections, advising of the changes or adjustments to be made and managing or processing the appropriate permits, also under previous budget.

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